Sandra Nevis

Today, August 12th, is my 47th birthday. I’ve never been a fit person, I don’t care for exercise, and I’m not terribly focused on my body. But for a 47 year old, I feel pretty terrific. Nine months ago, I let a few close friends convince me to go to a CrossFit class at Rio City CrossFit. I was able to complete about a third of the workout and my body felt like soggy bread afterwards. I was sore for a week (I had been warned!). But much to the surprise of most everyone who knows me, I kept going. I don’t look like a body builder, nor do I care to. CrossFit allowed me to lose 20 pounds, reshape my body, lose a few inches around my waist. But what really keeps me going is the community. I’m allowed to work at my pace, I feel 110% supported, and I am encouraged every time I go by friends as well as strangers-who quickly become friends! A huge thanks to Coach Arthur and Heather Naldoza for offering the birthday gift of confidence and a CrossFit family.

Fernando Herrera

Rio City Cross Fit is a great place not only to strengthen your body, but a great place to develop your mind. Great place to establish the proper mind setthat anything can be accomplished if you can think outside the box. That the old attitudes that there is only one way to do things is wrong. They adjust the workouts to our level of fitness and by doing that we grow exponentially. Great support all the way.

Ramsen W. 

These guys are awesome! I recently started working out at a crossfit gym down in LA, and have been hooked since. So naturally, during my visit to Sacramento this past weekend, I had to find a way to get my fix in. I called up Rio City Crossfit, and they were kind enough to let me come into their box and get a couple workouts in with them. Arthur and Heather were very welcoming and so was everyone else I met. I really hope more people in the greenhaven-pocket area come out and check this place out! Hopefully I can stop by again next time I’m visiting Sac!

Laurie H. 

My sedentary lifestyle caught up to me after turning 50….I needed to be on high blood pressure medicine. I thought I was too “young” to be on meds when I knew why my blood pressure was elevated.
I tried a few different exercise programs. CrossFit was the furthest from my mind but I decided to give it a try. My first day of CrossFit, I sheepishly walked in to Rio City CrossFit, afraid and knowing I couldn't squat or lift any weight. Arthur and Heather (owners) patiently worked with me for an hour!! As the weeks and months went by and with much encouragement and support from Arthur and Heather, I became more comfortable just walking in to the “box”. Now, I’m approaching one year of CrossFit and going 4-5 per week! It’s not easy for me. I’m not athletic or physically fit. I continue to work out to stay off my meds and also because the community at the box is undeniably supportive. The strongest and the fittest cheer you on to go hard and finish strong!!

Arthur and Heather make it a point for you to succeed. CrossFit is not just for the young and fit person. The workouts can be modified to fit your level. You will be challenged. You will be sore. The end result for me is that I’m not on high blood pressure meds anymore!!! Thank you, Rio City CrossFit!! 
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